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Compensation Plan of Royal Q Trading Bot

Compensation Plan of Royal Q Trading Bot Referral FR4Z6 1

Welcome to our Royal Q community. Royal Q community presents the overview of the Royal Q compensation plan which we call the network income plan.

The network income consists of two components. Division bonus which we call activation gain is your direct sales bonus trade profit which we call direct quantification and team quantification that is derived from trade profits.

Activation Gain of the compensation plan

Of the 120 USDT that Royal Q receives when someone activates the robot, Royal Q keeps 30 USDT and distributes 90 USDT back to the network which is us.

Now, let’s look at how the activation benefits are distributed. There is a payout of 30% to 70% depending on your rank:

  1. Rank V1 30%;
  2. Rank V2 40%;
  3. Rank V3 50%
  4. Rank V4 60%
  5. Rank V5 65%
  6. Rank V6 70%

Trade Profits Direct Quantifications

This is the trade profits of team members directly referred by you. Team quantification trade profits of your indirect team you are entitled to a percentage of trade profits which makes up your residual income from your direct team member as well as your indirect team whenever a trade is closed, which means there is profit.

Trade Profits Breakdown of the compensation plan

Whenever there is a trade profit, the robot is entitled to 20% of the trade profit whenever the trade profit comes to Royal Q. Royal Q then converts the trade profits received to 100%. Royal Q keeps 30% and distributes 70% of the network which is us.

This is how the trade profit is calculated and distributed: 20% to 60% depending on your rank:

  1. Rank V1 20%;
  2. Rank V2 30%;
  3. Rank V3 40%;
  4. Rank V4 50%;
  5. Rank V5 55%;
  6. Rank V6 60%.

Very important note, we do not receive anything from the capital we only receive from the trade profit. Another important note, we will receive team rewards as long as our team members are at least one rank below us. When they rank up to the same rank as us the team reward will stop because we are not entitled to override the same rank. However, once we rank up to the next level, then the team rewards will be your entitlement, once again.

Peer Reward Benefits

What is peer reward? In the Royal Q compensation plan, when we build a team we get to override part of the rewards that are in the compensation plan when we rank up we override from activation gain and trade profits.

However, we will lose that benefit when anyone in our team comes up to the same rank. This is when peer reward kicks in. However, it is only available from rank V3 to rank V6. Peer reward team quantification is for rank V3 to rank V6 is 5% of team trade profits.

Peer reward activation and peer income is an additional benefit for rank V4 through rank V6 only:

  1. Rank V4= 1.5 USDT;
  2. Rank V5= 1.5 USDT;
  3. Rank V6= 1 USDT.

Peer rewards and recognition of your leadership are also a token of appreciation since you would have lost the activation and trade profit until you rank up one step above your peer.

Global Dividend

Wait, there is one more super-exclusive benefit called the global dividend. This premium reward is exclusively available for ranks V6 only. This is in recognition of your leadership. Also as a mark of appreciation for your outstanding team-building effort. Royal Q sets aside 5% of the trade profits based on the understanding that you now have of the calculation of the trade profit ratio of the entire community worldwide that is trading with Royal Q robot and shares it with all the V6 Royal partners. This reward is extra and above all the other rewards that you’re entitled to as a V6.


This is how amazing the compensation plan is. This is available to you. Are you the one who would want this to be part of your life or shall we look for another? If it is you, we say welcome aboard. Thank you and stay blessed. To get started with the Compensation Plan of Royal Q, set up your Binance or/and Huobi exchanges accounts and click here.

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