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How to Bind Huobi Exchange with Royal Q Trading Bot

bind Huobi exchange with Royal Q

Huobi is an international cryptocurrency trading platform that provides Bitcoin and Ethereum trading services for hundreds of digital assets. Founded in China, Huobi has now expanded its operations to include offices in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and the United States. It is the World’s most trusted and secure cryptocurrency exchange for traders who are looking to trade Bitcoin or Ethereum with maximum security. In this post, you will learn how to bind Huobi Exchange with the Royal Q trading bot to start cryptocurrency trading automatically.

What is Huobi Exchange?

Huobi Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates through mobile applications for desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets. It is the world’s leading exchange that offers a wide range of trading tools and functions including: 

  1. Custom order types;
  2. Retail order matching; 
  3. Trade forecasting; 
  4. Market depth features; 
  5. One-click routing; 
  6. Advanced market data; 
  7. Ecommerce functionality; 
  8. Portfolio management tools; 
  9. Vault to store digital assets. 

For those who are new to the cryptocurrency trading and investing world, Huobi Exchange is the ideal place to start.  Why Use Huobi Exchange?  If you have been thinking about joining the cryptocurrency trading world, but we’re not quite sure about which platform to choose, then Huobi Exchange is a perfect choice.

How to get started

Huobi is one of the best places to start with cryptocurrency trading. There are several available plans available, and these include things like free trading for a year, the purchase of a premium account, and the purchase of a Bitcoin or Ethereum stake from others. The price that a person is willing to pay for these can be set on the blockchain by the users. The buy and sell cost is determined by how much of each cryptocurrency the seller is willing to give up for a certain amount of the respective cryptocurrency. A person can join the trading environment and create a new account after an activation process. There are already hundreds of thousands of traders on the platform, and this number is continually growing. Click here to get started with creating an account.

How to trade in Huobi Exchange

Before trading in Huobi Exchange, it is essential to understand how to use the trading system that the platform has to offer. There are two ways that one can use the Huobi Exchange, first is to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the platform’s direct trading system, which involves putting in a trade order and entering the corresponding wallet address and pin code.  If the trader already has an account, he/she can simply enter the trade order, which will be executed immediately. The second way involves connecting with Huobi Mobile App the best crypto trading robot called Royal Q.

Below are the steps how to bind Huobi Exchange with Royal Q trading bot

  1. Open the Royal Q app.
  2. Click on Mine.
  3. Click API Binding.
  4. Choose Huobi Exchange.
  5. Open the Huobi official website (log into the computer version).
  6. Click on the avatar.
  7. Click API Management.
  8. Enter custom note.
  9. Check Trade.


  1. Return to Royal Q app.
  2. Click Copy IP.
  3. Return to the Huobi API page.
  4. Paste the copied IP addresses.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Click I understand.
  7. Get the verification code and enter it.
  8. Click Confirm.
  9. Copy Access Key.
  10. Return to Royal Q app and enter the Access Key.
  11. Returned to the Huobi page.
  12. Copy the Secret Key and return to Royal Q app.
  13. Enter Secret Key
  14. Obtain and enter the verification code.
  15. Check Risk Warning Book.
  16. Click Bind.

Conclusion on how to bind Huobi Exchange with Royal Q trading bot

With blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular, the traditional investment options are limited. With a plethora of options, one may find it difficult to make a choice. However, this article has tried to narrow down your options based on the requirement. Read this post to know to make your trade settings.

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