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Online Trading: The New Laws

online trading

Online trading is a great option for people who don’t have the time to invest in a traditional job. It can be a lucrative way to make money, and it opens up a lot of possibilities for you to explore. Plus, it’s easy to learn the basics of online trading. We all want financial freedom and independence, and online trading can help you achieve this goal. Here are the basics of how to get started with online trading. In this post, I will introduce the new laws and will go further to show you the best platform for online trading.

Online trading is the buying and selling of securities/cryptocurrency assets via electronic means. It’s a way for you to invest your money and make money without actually having to be on the floor of a trading floor. You can trade stocks, bonds, and other securities from the comfort of your own home.

Why online trading?

Online trading is a great option for people with busy schedules. We all have commitments, whether it’s family, friends, or work. It’s not always easy to find the time or energy to invest in a traditional job. Plus, traditional jobs are not always the best option for every person with different skill sets.

If you have the time and energy to invest in trading, it can be a lucrative way to make money and open up a lot of possibilities for you to explore. Not sure where to start? Online trading is a great place for beginners. It’s easy to learn the basics and start trading right away. And don’t worry: You don’t need to make huge investments of time and money to start small.

How to get started with online trading

The first step to getting started with online trading is to open a brokerage/cryptocurrency exchange (Binance, Huobi, etc.) account. Your brokerage account will be the place where you deposit your money and trade stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency assets and other instruments.

Next, you will need a trading platform. A trading platform is a program that is used to execute trades. There are many different platforms to choose from, but I recommend the Royal Q trading bot. The Royal Q quantification system adopts a multi-strategy, multi-technology fusion intelligent quantification mechanism. The advantage of quantitative trading is that it allows for optimal use of available data and eliminates the emotional decision-making that can occur during trading.

The benefits of online trading

Online trading is a great option for many people who have the desire to live the “carefree” lifestyle that comes with being self-employed. You can set your own schedule and work from anywhere you want.

You also have the opportunity to work on your own terms, which means you can earn as much or as little as you want. There are many benefits to online trading, including flexibility, the chance to work from anywhere, and being able to set your own schedule.

The New Laws!

Based on my research, I have discovered an online trading platform that has fulfilled all the new laws of online trading. This online platform is called Royal Q. Find below the eight new laws:

  1. Capital is with you (not handed over to an investment platform): with Royal Q, your capital and profit remain in your Binance/Huobi wallet. It only trades for you via the use of an API with secure IP addresses. Royal Q cannot withdrawal your capital and profits.
  2. Zero-Loss Approach: Royal Q employs the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy such that there is only a floating loss while it is holding the crypto assets – waiting for the best time to take profit when prices appreciate. Dollar-Cost Averaging is an investment strategy that aims to reduce the impact of volatility.
  3. Anti-Get-Rich-Quick Mentality: Royal Q is not a Ponzi scheme. Therefore, as part of Royal Q risk management, you can take profit as low as 1%. It believes that 1% profits from 100 trades is more decent than 100% profit from 1 trade!
  4. Passive and Automated Income: because the Royal Q is an automated robot that work 24/7, you are guaranteed hands-free trading even while you are asleep.
  5. Start with little or no capital: Through the Royal Q referral program you can set up your account then refer others to earn commissions. This way, you could build your capital.
  6. Networking: Royal Q is the only trading robot on the planet the effectively supports networking business via referrals. Note that Royal Q privacy policy does not give anyone access to your personal info. Remember, it is not compulsory for you to refer someone. You can simply be a trader!
  7. Manage expectations reasonably: Royal Q does not promise you unrealistic profits. Profits depend on four things: market trends, capital, number of coins traded and strategy applied.
  8. Cash out at any time: You can withdraw your profits via your wallet at any time. You are free to even stop trading at will (though is not advisable since your funds are still in your wallets – so that you do not stop a trade with a loss!).


Online trading is a great way to make money, but it’s not for everyone. There are a lot of risks involved, so you should carefully consider if it’s right for you. However, if you’re interested in online trading, it’s important to learn the basics of online trading to see if it’s the right career choice for you. Learning how to trade stocks/cryptocurrency assets online is one of many different ways that you can earn money through online trading. You have to have a little knowledge about stocks, but it’s not difficult to learn. Click here to get started with Royal Q.

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